Lundgren Trial Consulting uses actual research specifications and rigorous methodologies custom-tailored to client’s case and questions. All data, conclusions, strategies and recommendations are considered confidential attorney work product.

Mock trials and Jury Exercises

  • Garner trial strategy insights and value added ideas for furthering your case.
  • Design the perfect research project to test your key themes. Tailor a project that highlights extensive damage themes over liability if that is what you most need to know.
  • Custom tailor trial simulations specifications to your research goals rather than settling for canned methodology.
  • Obtain thorough results– results are analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively.
  • Present to high quality mock juror recruits — even in matched venues that mirror your trial demographics.
  • Watch trial presentations with advanced audio visuals that provide real time viewing of jury deliberations even in more remote locations.
  • Review in-depth research reports with value-added consulting following analysis of the jury exercise.

Strategic Jury Selection

  • Learn in-depth about your panel through written supplemental juror questionnaires.
  • Obtain detailed jury profiles from large data jury exercises and attitude surveys so that you can know your jury profile
  • Use strategic oral questions to open your panel up to questioning and expose your strikes while hiding your keeps.
  • Obtain in-court assistance with jury selection and assistance with striking.

Witness Preparation

  • Have your witnesses communicate effectively and clearly at trial, so that their main points are understood by a jury.
  • Reduce a witness’ stress in testifying by helping them understand the processes of trial and their role in the trial. The more a witness can become comfortable with the process, the better they can communicate.
  • Work through witness issues that are hindering their overall communication so that they can get their testimony across clearly and effectively.

Case Consulting

  • Have your consultant review key case filings and evidence along with discussion with the trial team, for refinement of trial themes and case evaluation.
  • Get case feedback, insights and value-added consulting from experienced trial consultants.

Trial Monitoring and Surrogate Jurors

  • Assess daily trial strategies, attorney and witness performances.
  • Fine-tune a case during trial either through nightly feedback from surrogate jurors or more frequent feedback from an on-site consultant.

Post Trial Interviews

  • Assess the whole trial as well as deliberation from the viewpoint of multiple jurors.
  • Receive in-depth feedback on themes, witnesses and attorney performances.